about NÄM

Result of a dialogue between art’s aesthetic sensibility and an intimate contact in search of a true identity to achieve being, being authentic, loving ourselves and being able to transmit it is a process of understanding and acceptance, of valuing what we were and building what we are.


Näm means “accessory” in the oaxacan dialect “mixe”, a language which legacy persists trough time and despite change, a culture whose identity is so powerful that has kept its essence, “mixe” is more than a language, is a legacy of culture, a culture of respect for the environment, care and protection of the natural and cultural resources, where the worldview and the way in which its people (xäam) interpret the world, in balance and harmony, the true reasons of happiness such as music, which  is the art-magic that unites us globally. That is why valuing our origin makes us strong and authentic.


Starting from this legendary inspiration, Näm is a commitment with our people; our value. A firm whose concept focuses on the consciousness and seeks other perspectives, with positive approaches,  vegan materiales and geometric proposals with simple lines of rigid and architectural air are the desire for simplicity that focuses on volumes and seeks to evoke art, sculpting the force trough color.


Näm transit and projects a philosophy based on a visual poetry, such as any language in a special way… from instrospective to intimacy, from intimacy to the essence and from the essence to the identity of an eternal return.

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